Getting the best team for your fleet: Driver hiring criteria 

When hiring drivers for your company, your hiring process should be consistent. The following information can help you evaluate your policies to ensure you get the best results possible.


  1. Do you have a detailed job description for each type of driving position? 
    The job description should include the type of driver’s license required for the position, as well as educational and physical requirements. It should allow the applicant to thoroughly understand what will be required if he/she accepts the position.
  2. What procedures are in place to attract quality drivers?
    Hiring from within the company (i.e., when an existing employee is interested in the position) can save training time, as the employee is already familiar with company procedures.
  3. Is there a suitable application form? 
    The form should be designed to gather the information specified in the job description.
  4. Is there a background check? 
    A background check should include documented driver abstract checks, reference checks with previous employers and general background checks, such as criminal records.
  5. What background-check policies are in place to disqualify candidates? 
    Disqualification criteria may include the number and severity of moving violations, prior license suspension, collisions and lack of experience or training.
  6. If the hiring criteria are met, is the candidate given a road test to assess their driving skills in the type of equipment they would be required to operate?
    A road test helps you assess road skills in the context of what your company needs, rather than simply relying on the opinion of another carrier or the driver’s number of years of experience.
  7. Is there a driver-qualification file for each driver?
    This should contain the completed application form, current driver abstract, reference checks, road test, training records and any other relevant documents.
  8. Is there an up-to-date copy of the driver’s license in the driver qualification file?